I’m new to Alfred, is there a registration fee?

There are no fees, Alfred is 100 % free of charge.

Can I use the Alfred app without signing in?

Sure thing! Simply click the option that says, “Use Alfred without signing in”, at the bottom of the login window.

Is my profile anonymous?

Alfred is an entirely anonymous platform where you can browse jobs without your activity being seen publicly. No one has access to your profile except you! The only time your data is shared is when you decide to apply for a job. Companies do not have access to our users, and we do not provide any user data to anyone.

Do you ever sell my personal data?

No way! We never sell any personal data ever, and Alfred is GDPR compliant.

How do I apply for a job with my Alfred profile?

When you see a job that interests you, just click on “Apply with Alfred profile” then it only takes a few seconds to send your application. Remember, to apply with your Alfred profile it must be at least 70% complete. We recommend 100% completion to increase your chances of being selected for an interview. During the application process, companies may ask that you answer additional questions (a maximum of 3 short questions may be added).

How do I receive job notifications?

With your Alfred profile, you can monitor jobs that you like according their tags, type, and location. To monitor by job tags, select “Categories” and then select the tags that match your needs.

How can I delete a job from my Job Watch?

Just slide the job from right to left, so the ‘delete’ button appears. The job will then automatically disappear from your notifications.

Who can I contact if I am having problems?

You can always write to us at and we will be happy to help you out.

How can I delete my profile?

Before you decide to delete your Alfred profile, we want to remind you that your profile is absolutely anonymous and companies do not have access to your profile unless you apply for a job. That said, once you delete your profile it will stay deactivated for 30 days, during this time you can still log in to your profile anytime and all your data will be restored. After 30 days, your profile (data, applications, attachments) will be permanently deleted.

How do I maximise my chances of getting a job?

To increase your chance of getting the job you want, make sure your profile is complete with links to any portfolios or other online CVs. Create Job Watch alerts so you can get notified of jobs according to their tags, type, and location. To monitor by job tag, select “Categories” and then select the tags that match your needs.

Can companies find my profile?

No, companies don't have access to your profile, and our database is not searchable.

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