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Our client is a distinguished and well-established company in Malta’s hospitality and leisure industry. They hold a leading position in the hospitality sector, operating branded resorts and hotels, while also having development licenses and outlets for renowned leisure brands. Additionally, they manage a diverse portfolio of established restaurants offering a variety of cuisines.

An exciting opportunity now exists to join this established company on a permanent, full-time basis as the Contract Manager for construction project.

The role of the Contract Manager involves the supervision and management of all contracts within the construction project. This encompasses activities such as contract development, negotiation, execution and administration, along with ensuring adherence to contract terms and project specifications. The Contract Manager will work closely with various project stakeholders, including clients, contractors, subcontractors and legal teams, to guarantee the project’s successful completion in accordance with contractual obligations. The Contract Manager will report directly to Project Director and collaborate closely with the project team, legal department, and other relevant stakeholders.


Contract Development and Negotiation

  • Collaborating with legal teams to draft, review and finalize project contracts, including construction agreements, subcontracts and supplier agreements
  • Negotiating contract terms and conditions with project partners, ensuring alignment with project objectives and risk mitigation

Contract Execution and Administration

  • Facilitating the timely execution of contracts by obtaining necessary approvals from all parties involved
  • Maintaining a comprehensive contract database, ensuring accurate and up-to-date records of contract documents, amendments and correspondence
  • Monitoring contract performance and compliance throughout the project lifecycle
  • Addressing contract-related issues and disputes, initiating appropriate actions to resolve conflicts

Change Management

  • Assessing and managing contract change requests, variations and amendments, ensuring proper documentation and communication
  • Collaborating with relevant parties to evaluate the impact of changes on project scope, schedule and budgets

Risk Management

  • Identifying potential contractual risks and proposing strategies for risk mitigation
  • Working with project teams to ensure that insurance, bonding and indemnification requirements are met


  • Fostering effective communication between project stakeholders regarding contractual matters
  • Coordinating with project managers, procurement teams and legal advisors to ensure consistent interpretation and application of contract terms

Performance Evaluation

  • Monitoring contractor and subcontractor performance, ensuring adherence to quality and performance standards specified in contracts
  • Evaluating performance against contract requirements and contributing to performance reviews

Documentation and Reporting

  • Preparing regular reports on contract status, progress and potential issues for presentation to project management and stakeholders


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management, Business Administration or related field (or equivalent experience)
  • Proven experience in contract management within the construction industry
  • Strong understanding of construction contracts, legal terminology and risk management
  • Excellent negotiation, communication and interpersonal skills
  • Attention to detail and strong organizational abilities
  • Proficiency in contract management software and Microsoft Office Suite
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a dynamic, fast-paced environment
  • Certification in contract management (e.g., CCM, CPCM) is a plus
Advertisement created21. October 2023
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Andrija, San Ġwann SGN 1612, Malta
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