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At DECATHLON, we are accomplished sportsmen and women, and we love sport. We dream of sharing this enthusiasm with the largest possible number of people. Everything we do centres around the end user. Their satisfaction is our reason for being. Our company mission is: "Move People Through The Wonders of Sport". OUR VALUES : VITALITY : It's life itself. It's about being positive and full of energy. RESPONSIBILITY : Taking responsibility for myself and playing an active role in my life. GENEROSITY : It's about doing things from the heart and making myself available to others. AUTHENTICITY : It's about being honest with myself and others.
Triq It - Tigrija, Ħal Qormi, Malta
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Number of Nationalities
Decathlon Sustainability
Commited by 2026 Evolving and transforming to meet the challenges of sustainable development: this is the objective of our 2020-2026 Transition Plan. Co-written collectively by team members from over 30 countries, with our human resources, quality, compliance and finance teams, our plan is built on three main pillars: developing people, preserving nature and creating sustainable value. Ecodesign 100% of our products will be the result of an eco-design strategy. At the end of 2021, we were at 23 %. Renewable electricity 100% of our electricity will come from renewable sources by 2026 in our stores and warehouses. At the end of 2021, we were at 82,6 %. Repair 100% of our reparable products will be repaired by our workshops or by our customers. At the end of 2021, we were at 77,1%.
Decathlon United : WHO WE ARE
Our 5 management pillars :1) LIVE YOUR PASSION, EVERY DAY We all have the same passion: sport. Whether we are a beginner or an advanced player, sport sets the tempo of our days. We are on the move. We play. There is no time to rest!2) A PLACE FOR EVERYONEWhat is really important to us: a passion for sport, others and taking action. We're interested in personalities, not just qualifications. Desire, commitment, being generous and being genuine make all the difference. 3) TRUST FIRST AND FOREMOST!Everyone can make an impact within the company. Whatever your job, whatever your position on the ground. Each voice counts! Assignments evolve at the pace of your ambitions and skills. Each teammate is surrounded and supported with their everyday challenges. We strongly believe in team spirit and mutual support! 4) THE RIGHT TO BE BOLD AND GET IT WRONGWe like initiative. We like to spotlight it. And yes, every day there is a new start line. A new opportunity to change the rules of the game. So, we have the right to try, to sometimes get it wrong, and to try again. With one rule that never changes: have fun throughout the game5) PLAY AN ACTIVE ROLE IN YOUR PROJECTWe think in terms of initiatives, personalisation and growth. We believe everyone is unique. Each teammate can change its job or assignment, without changing company. And find the job that truly suits them 100%. Everyone can invent their project, their assignment, by always making sport even more accessible to everyone.



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Pilates classes, Zumba classes

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Flex, Well-Being


Team Building/Team Activities : Board game night, Beach volley, Kayak, Movie night, Yoga night...

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When we say 'move' people, we mean that we move people to become... Behaviourally more responsible, for a more liveable world; Physically more active, for healthier lives; Emotionally more connected, for happier lives. When we say 'people', we mean all people. When we say 'sport', we mean sport in the widest possible sense!