Pole Dance Academy Malta
Pole Dance Academy Malta
Pole Dance Academy Malta

Pole Dance for Beginners & Intermediate


If you have never tried pole dancing before or have taken just a few classes, this is the lesson for you. During this class you will learn basic beginner moves such as how to climb up the pole, sitting and performing a few spins on the pole starting from the floor. You will become familiar with tricks on both static and a spinning pole, and you will learn to put basic pole dance tricks together in a combo.


This class focuses on improving and mastering inverts and intermediate moves. We will work on combining moves and learning higher level of tricks.

Pole Flow:

During this choreography class you will learn how to move your body with more grace and elegance. A choreography is taught throughout the class focusing on making beautiful lines with your body, self expression and flow around the pole.

What to Bring:
Shorts & Sports bra
No body lotion
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