Fairwind Sailing
Fairwind Sailing
 Fairwind Sailing

Keelboat Sailing Courses - Level 1

Start Sailing Level 1:
No previous experience required .

Objective: To participate as a crew on a crew up to 9 Meters, by assisting the skipper and being capable to do basic chores on and below decks, being familiar with boat and its equipment, and understand basic sailing techniques.

Duration: This course would be covered in two consecutive days.
Lesson starts at 9.30 Hrs to 17.00 hrs

Topics Covered:
Personal equipment & buoyancy.
Identify basic boat parts and rigging.
Basic sailing terminology.
Sailing points (close hauled, reaching & running) with required trimming.
Rigging, reefing and stowing sails.
Tacking and gibing.
Stopping and regaining speed.
Berthing, picking up a mooring, preparing fenders and anchoring.
Preparing for towing, using ropes, securing vessel to jetty.
Weather forecast.
Teamwork sailing.
Man Overboard procedure.
Safe sailing practices.
Upon completion of the course
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